When it’s time to take a vacation, a lot of people think about going to a country that have both, a rich culture and fun activities with interesting locations. There’s one country that gives you the most precious landscapes and the culture you are looking for, all at the same time. Switzerland is known for having all of these qualities and even more to explore. A country filled with museums and monuments, among other options such as music festivals and excursions.

But there’s one place in Switzerland where all of these qualities fuse together and create the perfect place for all tourists. That place is called Ticino, and here in Porta del Ticino, we take the job to inform you about this beautiful place very seriously while also showing you everything about the latest and most interesting activities in which you can participate throughout the year here.

My name is Marcos Hopkins and as founder of Porta del Ticino I understand how hard it is for tourists when it’s time to decide where are you going to spent your vacation time. That’s why I decided to create this blog, where I describe and recommend the amazing city of Ticino to all tourists around the world while encouraging you to participate in our traditions and festivals.

Take some time to explore the city and taste our traditional food, learn our history throughout the years, and enjoy the sunsets along with the magnificent views that only a few places in Switzerland have to offer.