The 9 Best Restaurants in the Ticino and Bellinzona Area

Ticino and the Bellinzona area are famous for their exquisite food. Filled with many traditional restaurants and gourmet places, it makes this tourist site a perfect place for food lovers and experienced travelers, so here we show you a list of restaurants you can’t miss while you’re in Ticino:

Ristorante Châlet Stella Alpina

This a beautiful traditional looking restaurant located in the mountains. Surrounded with a relaxed environment and beautiful panoramic views, the restaurant offers Italian, Ticinese and vegan food that you can enjoy with your family whether it may be inside or outside the building. With a menu according to every season and specialties like risottos (rice) with cranberries, homemade pasta with no eggs, pizzoccheri, and cheese fondue, among others.  They also have a menu full of lactose-free and gluten-free food.

Grotto Milani

It’s a traditional restaurant with a cozy atmosphere that serves local Ticinese food, located in the inferior valley of Blenio. The restaurant is built on the side of the mountain, and is surrounded by big trees and rock formations, which gives uniqueness to the place.

Ristorante Hotel Internazionale

It’s a restaurant located in the Hotel Internazionale, near the historical center and the Bellinzona train station. With a family-friendly atmosphere and a rich menu full of traditional Italian, ticinese, international, and vegan food, the restaurant catches a big amount of visitors every day. The Ristorante offers food made of fresh and local products, and it has the capacity to serve 80 people when it’sfull.

Caseificio del Gottardo

This restaurant is one of the places that represent Switzerland the most. It offers all kinds of cheeses, fondue, and local food. It also has a Museum that shows people the cheese making process, and guides people to make their own cheese, clients and visitors can also have a tour for their cheese cellar.


It’s a family restaurant with over 100 years operating by the Defanti family, which building was bought by the actual manager, the great-grandfather Luigi Defanti, back in 1903. The restaurant offers a traditional and rich menu, but also offers a unique experience while eating the exquisite food. In the restaurant building, there’s also a hotel and a store, property of the Defanti’s.

Grotto Sprüch

This restaurant is run by Milena and Oliviero Rusconi, a lovely couple who cooks for ticinese cuisine food lovers with fresh and local products. The restaurant has a capacity for 40 people, and serves them in a cozy environment, located by a cascade on the side of a mountain.

Locanda Orico

It’s a refined restaurant located in the historical center of Bellinzona, attended by the chef Lorenzo Albrici, former student of the great Freddy Girardet. The restaurant features a menu of Italian and French cuisine fusion plates, and also others unique dishes that confirm why the restaurant has a Michelin star and 16 points of the Gault Millau award. You would not want to miss it.

La Perla

It’s a family restaurant attended by the chef Yves Bussi, located in an urban environment in a hotel with the same name, which offers international and Mediterranean food made out of local products like Chateaubriand with Béarnaise sauce, Ticino risotto with Merlot and shrimps with aromatic herbs, potato gnocchi with garlic, and trout fillets with pine nuts and olives, among others.

Grotto San Michele

This restaurant is located on the fabulous terrace of the Castelgrande castle that offers exquisite local food, and a gorgeous panoramic view of the city. It’s perfect for tourists, events, and to share some appetizers with friends.


The Best 9 Wineries and Vineyards in the Ticino and Bellinzona Area

One of the local products made on Ticino and the Bellinzona area is its wine, that’s famous in all Switzerland. Viticulture is an activity that is present in all the 8 Ticino regions since centuries ago, due to the closeness of the Mediterranean weather, allowing the establishment of more than 500 unique wineries. Here we share with you a list of the best wineries and vineyards you need to know:

La Via di Bacco

It’s a winery where you can enjoy wine from Ticino and all Switzerland, and it’s located in Lodrino, with beautiful landscape and cozy facilities that offers wine from several local and regional producers. It also has a hotel where you can live the experience of sleeping, eating and enjoy in a big barrel conditioned as a bedroom, a dining room, and a bar.

Gialdi Vini SA

It’s the most important producer of Swiss wine. It was founded in 1953 by Guglielmo Gialdi and now is run by his son Feliciano. The company has several splendid wine cellars and a house guest for tasting wine, and having gatherings. This is a place that you can’t miss when visiting Ticino.


It’s a store and a showroom where several local producers sell typical and seasonal products, while promoting the province where those products are made or grown, working like a cultural center that sales wine, beer, cheese, dairy products, honey, and cold cuts, among other things.

Cantina Ramelli

It’s a company formed by several wine cellars founded in 1995, which offers wine tasting, catering and direct sales. The cellar is located at the Colina de Gudo Vineyard, a very precious place known for growing the best grapes in the region.

Vinicola Carlevaro SA

The Vinicola Carlevaro is a family company located in the north of Bellinzona, in the border with Arbedo, founded by the oenologist Gian Piero Carlevaro more than 100 years ago. In the last years, the company has made several improvements in renewing all their facilities, in order to raise the quality of the product.

 Azienda Vitivinicola I Fracc

It’s a small company that was founded, back in 2009. Located on the right side of the Ticino River, the company produces wine from the grapes cultivated in the Bellinzona area, in antique and modern spaces where people can go and have some wine tasting.

Fratelli Meroni Sagl

The cellar of Fratelli Meroni is located in Biasca, Ticino. This is a company founded 30 years ago and is run by Marco y Vincenzo. The grapes cultivated are from Riviera Solive Valli, Blenio and Leventina, all in the Ticino area. These days, the company produces six red wines and one white wine known for its sweet and fresh flavor.

Vitivinicola Fratelli Carlo e Luca Frasa

The Vitivinicola farm Fratelli Carlo e Luca Frasa was founded in 2008 in Rodi Fiesso. The company is run by the family, and currently grows Merlot grapes in Leventina, Ticino where the soil provides character and good aging to the wines. Also, in the Fratelli Carlo e Luca Frasa house, people can organize wine tasting events and visits around the vineyards.

Chiericati Vini

It’s a company founded in 1950 by Bruno and Carolina. They called themselves the ambassadors of quality wine in the area. The Merlot is produced from the best local Merlot grapes. They sell white and red wine made with tradition and high quality standards.


15 October Events in the Ticino Area You Don’t Want to Miss

October it’s a great month in Ticino, thanks to the start of autumn, an important season in the region where several festivals and events that you shouldn’t miss takes place. Here is a list of some of the events:

Autumn Festival

It’s a festival that takes place in Lugano, starting on October 4. And for three days straight, people celebrate the beginning of the season and enjoy the historical architecture and folk music.

Autunno Jazz

It’s an event that takes place in Vallemaggia, from October 8 to the 12. Where for three days, people can attend jazz concerts, and taste the local gastronomy. The best way to make the most of this trip is by hiring a luxury car, especially if you want to visit a place like Marbella, so make sure you book a luxury car rental for your Costa del Sol vacation.

Swiss Castle Day

On October 7, castles and fortresses all over the Ticino area will have a huge event where they show their architecture and cultural heritage to the world, and share how proud they are of it.

Autumn Festival at the Cheese Market

It’s a festival that starts on October 11, where the locals enjoy the local products of one of the biggest cheese markets in Europe.

Ascona-Locarno Run 13 October 2018

It’s a 42 km marathon where people run throughout the beautiful scenarios of Ticino, and enjoy the autumn colors, smells and sounds of Lake Maggiore and Piazza Grande in Locarno.

ArteCasa Fair

This is an outstanding event where artists, construction workers, architects, and a lot of cabinetmakers around the area come and show their works of art, designs, and furnishes, for visitors to see the latest trends in the design world.

Chestnut Festival

This is a festival that takes place on the second Saturday of October, in Ascona, Ticino, where people can taste roasted chestnuts, among several chestnuts-based dishes.

Momò Oktoberfest

Starting on the 19 of October until the 21, the football club of Mendrisio likes to organize an event similar to the fabulous Oktoberfest in Monaco and takes place in the famous Mercato Coperto.

Pumpkins Fair

This is an event where the farmers show their harvested pumpkins and share all kinds of pumpkin-based dishes made in the area. Another way to have a great experience is when you hire a luxury vehicle and explore Dubai with a Hummer.

Sapori e Saperi

This event is taken place from October 18 to the 20, in Giubiasco, where the food and folklore of Ticino are shown and classified in 6 areas such as wines, cheese and dairy products, sausages, among others.

“Zibelemärit” The Onion Market

The onion market it’s an event that takes place on October 13 in the city of Lugano, where the farmers arrange almost 50 tons of onions and garlic shaped as artistic braids.

I Viaggiatori

This is an important Swiss touristic event that takes place from October 31 until November 3 where travel agencies show the visitors the best hotels in the world, and several tourist-related services.

4th Gastronomic Review of Pumpkins

This is a gastronomical event where cooks and farmers from the Canton of Ticino present different varieties of the product and a list of dishes made out of a pumpkin.

Claro – Pizzo Mountain Running

This is a great place for mountain lovers and athletes, with a 9,2km walk marathon at 2500mts high, where you can see the most amazing views of the Alps, and even Milan, when the sky is clear enough.

Al Füm Dala Grà

In this activity, you can learn about the process of drying and storing chestnuts like it has been done for centuries.


8 Fun Facts about Alptransit You Should Know If You’re Coming to Ticino

Switzerland is a great country to visit while traveling in Europe. It has a spectacular landscape and a lot of routes you can visit. One of these is certainly the Alptransit railway route, which connects the cold north of the country with the sunny canton of Ticino, a place you won’t want to miss due to these fun facts:

Going From Winter Landscape to Spring One

One of the marvelous experience about getting in the Alptransit railway is that you can take the train in the northern city of Erstfeld, surrounded with snowy Alps mountains, and get off the train at the sunny spring location of the Ticino region in less than half an hour, giving the tourist the possibility of experience different scenarios in a short amount of time.

Fast Travelling

Ticino is the closest region to Italy in Switzerland, so if you take the Alptransit train to Ticino coming from Zurich, you will travel at 250 km/h, and be able to enjoy the sunny valleys and exotic gardens of southern Switzerland, and get to Milan, Italy in three hours tops.

Engineering Marvelous

The Gotthard base railway tunnel, which is part of the Alptransit project that connects north Switzerland with the Canton of Ticino. This is an engineering marvelous construction due to being the deepest and longest railway tunnel built in the world. This tunnel was ended back in the year 2016.

Sky Today and Go to the Beach Tomorrow In Ticino

The Alptransit railway allows you to ski in the Alps one day in northern Switzerland, and go to the beaches, piazzas, and Churches in Ticino the next day taking only one train. With a simple 30 minutes ride, it is a great option for short and fun trips.

Easy Transporting

The Gotthard base tunnel has the ability to transport 65 trains full of passengers every day through the Swiss Alps, securing easy and fast transportation to Ticino any day, and reducing the waiting time in travel stations.

Cultural Diversity

If you travel to Ticino from the Canton of Urie through the Alptransit railway, you will also experience the cultural diversity between these two geographic areas. Urie is a German spoken region with a rich culture, and Ticino the language and the architecture is mainly Italian although being located in Switzerland, so it’s amazing to experience all of this in less than 1-hour ride.

Panoramic Views

The trip to Ticino in the Gotthard base railway tunnel offers their passengers to switch from the tunnel ride to the Alps ride, an option that combines a trip on the latest railways with a travel through the panoramic views of the Swiss Alps.

Easy Booking and Fun Travel

You can book your trip to Ticino in so many ways that you can’t miss going there on your travel to Switzerland. The train ticket can be bought in the train station, online, at travel agencies, and also with the SBB Mobile app. These will make your entire trip arrangement very easy, in order to make your trip to Ticino one of the best experiences of your life.