Ticino is a famous choice for tourists who wish to explore and enrich their lives. And the short time that they spent in our city enjoying the entertainment and tasting delicious food can certainly improve their lives by providing them with happiness and precious memories.

That’s why I always take the job of organizing and writing all sorts of information about this magical place in a very passionately fashion. Porta del Ticino is the go-to blog if you desire to adventure in Ticino, and how you can be a part of the variety of events that Ticino hosts every year.

Saying that Ticino is an active town really does not make justice to the fame the city has among tourists around the world. A variety of music festivals takes place every year, in which people come to party and celebrate with other tourists and locals.

Other activities full of folklore and culture keep the city busy and colorful throughout the year. That’s one of the reasons why Ticino is an iconic place for tourists. One of the reasons that makes organizing Porta del Ticino difficult from time to time, since the city is way too active and beautiful, is that it takes a lot of time and effort to put quality information for the articles that are written in this blog out there.

Not only that, but organizing the festivals which take place in the city every year and giving the necessary details can be a tough work. That’s why you can also help Porta del Ticino to grow by contributing with us. You can do it by promoting your work by writing articles for us, or just writing about your experience in Ticino and their festivals right in the comments to enrich our content.