Ticino has an active calendar that has events that goes from music and film festivals to sports and theatrical performances. This events count as festivities for locals, and they always expect visitors to come in, and join the celebration.

Music Festivals

If you are planning to stay in Ticino for their music festivals, you are in the right place. And if you enjoy the melodic tunes of Jazz, you are in for a treat. “JazzAscona” in Ascona, and “Estival Jazz” in Lugano are the right picks for a magnificent evening listening to the well performed tributes of jazz.

Besides, you can enjoy the “Moon and Stars” Music Festival in Locarno as well, if you want to listen different types of music genres.

Traditional Festivals

Ticino gives you an unforgettable experience in their traditional festival, such as the Bellinzona’s Radaban celebrations that has the atmosphere of a colorful carnival. This is one of many festivals that are constantly being celebrated throughout the year in Ticino.

Gourmet tours

Many tourist visits Ticino for their Gourmet tours that goes from the exquisites Wine tours in Lugano to the “Ticinella Experience Montebello” in Stabio, giving you the opportunity to try the selection of exquisite cheese that only Ticino has to offer. Other places worth mentioning are “Caseificio del Gottardo” in Airolo, and “Bellinzona’s Market” in Bellinzona. These kind of places are more active and colorful during summer and winter.