Switzerland is a great country to visit while traveling in Europe. It has a spectacular landscape and a lot of routes you can visit. One of these is certainly the Alptransit railway route, which connects the cold north of the country with the sunny canton of Ticino, a place you won’t want to miss due to these fun facts:

Going From Winter Landscape to Spring One

One of the marvelous experience about getting in the Alptransit railway is that you can take the train in the northern city of Erstfeld, surrounded with snowy Alps mountains, and get off the train at the sunny spring location of the Ticino region in less than half an hour, giving the tourist the possibility of experience different scenarios in a short amount of time.

Fast Travelling

Ticino is the closest region to Italy in Switzerland, so if you take the Alptransit train to Ticino coming from Zurich, you will travel at 250 km/h, and be able to enjoy the sunny valleys and exotic gardens of southern Switzerland, and get to Milan, Italy in three hours tops.

Engineering Marvelous

The Gotthard base railway tunnel, which is part of the Alptransit project that connects north Switzerland with the Canton of Ticino. This is an engineering marvelous construction due to being the deepest and longest railway tunnel built in the world. This tunnel was ended back in the year 2016.

Sky Today and Go to the Beach Tomorrow In Ticino

The Alptransit railway allows you to ski in the Alps one day in northern Switzerland, and go to the beaches, piazzas, and Churches in Ticino the next day taking only one train. With a simple 30 minutes ride, it is a great option for short and fun trips.

Easy Transporting

The Gotthard base tunnel has the ability to transport 65 trains full of passengers every day through the Swiss Alps, securing easy and fast transportation to Ticino any day, and reducing the waiting time in travel stations.

Cultural Diversity

If you travel to Ticino from the Canton of Urie through the Alptransit railway, you will also experience the cultural diversity between these two geographic areas. Urie is a German spoken region with a rich culture, and Ticino the language and the architecture is mainly Italian although being located in Switzerland, so it’s amazing to experience all of this in less than 1-hour ride.

Panoramic Views

The trip to Ticino in the Gotthard base railway tunnel offers their passengers to switch from the tunnel ride to the Alps ride, an option that combines a trip on the latest railways with a travel through the panoramic views of the Swiss Alps.

Easy Booking and Fun Travel

You can book your trip to Ticino in so many ways that you can’t miss going there on your travel to Switzerland. The train ticket can be bought in the train station, online, at travel agencies, and also with the SBB Mobile app. These will make your entire trip arrangement very easy, in order to make your trip to Ticino one of the best experiences of your life.