Enjoy a flavorful journey throughout the typical dishes of Ticinese Cuisine, and be amazed by a gastronomy loaded with lots of marvelous products, and tradition. Filled with a combination of Italian and Swiss food, you won’t want to miss these next dishes:

They Have the Best Salami in the Area

This is one of the most typical and special products made in Ticino. You can watch the manufacturing process in Montebello Castle where, besides enjoying the architecture you can make your own salami, and have a taste of the variety of cold cuts that are prepared in the castle.

A Flavorful Cheese to Try

Switzerland is known for their variety of cheeses, where you can get several gourmets dairy products worthy of a king, and LATI SA is the biggest cheese manufacture in Ticino with tasty and traditional products you can get at any local store.

The Best Traditional Beer

In Ticino, you can find antique and gourmet handmade beer, and the Appenzeller Bier is one of the most traditional ones and that can be found in all Switzerland. A few of the most popular beers are the “Quöllfrisch” and “Vollmond” beer, filled with sweet and sour flavors. The company that manufactures them is the Brauerei Locher AG founded in 1886.

A Silky Piece of Chocolate

Swiss chocolate has been known as one of the best in the world for decades, so in Ticino, you can enjoy all type of typical chocolates and desserts with this delicious product. In Ticino, you can find Alprose Chocolate, a company that has a museum you can visit, and watch the manufacturing process of this silky product while having a taste of it.

Meringues and Whip Cream to sweeten your day

In Ticino, one of the traditional sweet dishes are meringues and whip cream, that combined with some fruits, essences, and mixed with cakes and pastry products it becomes a dessert you can’t miss in your visit to Ticino.

Season fruits that will freshen up Your Life

In Ticino, the seasonal fruits are one of the typical products that are eaten on a daily basis. The Ticinese cuisine includes the preparation of all types of dishes and gourmet food preparations with seasonal fruits you can’t miss. These products can be found in the local market in Bellinzona, right in the historical center.

Raw Jam, a top Quality beef to Enjoy

It’s a jam that has been aged and salted in the Ticino highlands which gives its characteristic flavor. The jam is handmade and processed by the cheese masters of Ticino, and it can be found in Canvetto Cadagno.

Homemade Pasta Full of Love and Tradition

In Ticino, in almost every restaurant, you can get pasta made at-the-moment, with local products. This handmade pasta will give the restaurant or store their special flavor and will vary according to the skills and technique the chefs or cooks apply in the making. They also have a variety of flours that you can’t miss.