One of the local products made on Ticino and the Bellinzona area is its wine, that’s famous in all Switzerland. Viticulture is an activity that is present in all the 8 Ticino regions since centuries ago, due to the closeness of the Mediterranean weather, allowing the establishment of more than 500 unique wineries. Here we share with you a list of the best wineries and vineyards you need to know:

La Via di Bacco

It’s a winery where you can enjoy wine from Ticino and all Switzerland, and it’s located in Lodrino, with beautiful landscape and cozy facilities that offers wine from several local and regional producers. It also has a hotel where you can live the experience of sleeping, eating and enjoy in a big barrel conditioned as a bedroom, a dining room, and a bar.

Gialdi Vini SA

It’s the most important producer of Swiss wine. It was founded in 1953 by Guglielmo Gialdi and now is run by his son Feliciano. The company has several splendid wine cellars and a house guest for tasting wine, and having gatherings. This is a place that you can’t miss when visiting Ticino.


It’s a store and a showroom where several local producers sell typical and seasonal products, while promoting the province where those products are made or grown, working like a cultural center that sales wine, beer, cheese, dairy products, honey, and cold cuts, among other things.

Cantina Ramelli

It’s a company formed by several wine cellars founded in 1995, which offers wine tasting, catering and direct sales. The cellar is located at the Colina de Gudo Vineyard, a very precious place known for growing the best grapes in the region.

Vinicola Carlevaro SA

The Vinicola Carlevaro is a family company located in the north of Bellinzona, in the border with Arbedo, founded by the oenologist Gian Piero Carlevaro more than 100 years ago. In the last years, the company has made several improvements in renewing all their facilities, in order to raise the quality of the product.

 Azienda Vitivinicola I Fracc

It’s a small company that was founded, back in 2009. Located on the right side of the Ticino River, the company produces wine from the grapes cultivated in the Bellinzona area, in antique and modern spaces where people can go and have some wine tasting.

Fratelli Meroni Sagl

The cellar of Fratelli Meroni is located in Biasca, Ticino. This is a company founded 30 years ago and is run by Marco y Vincenzo. The grapes cultivated are from Riviera Solive Valli, Blenio and Leventina, all in the Ticino area. These days, the company produces six red wines and one white wine known for its sweet and fresh flavor.

Vitivinicola Fratelli Carlo e Luca Frasa

The Vitivinicola farm Fratelli Carlo e Luca Frasa was founded in 2008 in Rodi Fiesso. The company is run by the family, and currently grows Merlot grapes in Leventina, Ticino where the soil provides character and good aging to the wines. Also, in the Fratelli Carlo e Luca Frasa house, people can organize wine tasting events and visits around the vineyards.

Chiericati Vini

It’s a company founded in 1950 by Bruno and Carolina. They called themselves the ambassadors of quality wine in the area. The Merlot is produced from the best local Merlot grapes. They sell white and red wine made with tradition and high quality standards.